Project Governance

OpenTripPlanner is a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Development of OpenTripPlanner is managed by a steering committee which makes decisions by simple majority vote. The current members of this steering committee are (in alphabetical order): Andrew Byrd, Matthew Conway, David Emory, Laurent Grégoire, Jasper Hartong, Tuukka Hastrup, Frank Purcell, and David Turner.

The steering committee holds a quarterly video conference on the first Thursday of June, September, December, and March. An agenda is prepared as a collaborative document in advance of each quarterly meeting. These meetings are held at 9AM US Pacific time because we have members in the US Pacific, US Eastern, and Central European time zones.

Care should be taken to avoid governance system that is too conceptual or process-heavy. The main goal is to have regular agenda-driven meetings that yield clear decisions and action items assigned to specific people. The committee should ideally be composed of active, professional contributors to the OpenTripPlanner project, including representatives of organizations that host official public deployments of OTP.